The spring-tiller is intended for the square cultivation, for the ground preparation before and after the seed, in particular for the tilling, for the preparation of the bed before the seed and for the aeration of the mould with the conjoined crushing of the clods and grading land.

The spring-tiller is furnished with four ranks of springs, which are placed in the diagonals. This provides a very good permeability also in very weedy overgrowth and allows very good results without jamming of the tiller.

The tillers with the mesh up to 3 m are furnished with springs of the profile of 32 x 10 and with the finger points. The tillers with the mesh over 3 m are furnished with springs of the profile of 45 x 10 and the finger points too, as option the arrow points can be used.

On the backside of the tiller there are placed the crumble rolls, which provide the crushing and crumbling of the clods. These rolls are adjustable in the height and they provide the exact in-depth leading. By the folding variety of the tiller the crumble rolls are non-stop protected by wounded springs.

The next working gadget of the folding variety are the leveling springs with the possibility to set their thrust and slope. These leveling springs serve to spreading of the ground cover and to the next tilling.

At customer's request we can produce a tiller with the arbitrary mesh and performance.

Type of the tiller
Number of points Tractor
1,7 pevný 23 25-35 kw
2 pevný 17 12 - 15 kw
2,7 pevný 23 25 - 35 kw
4,8 pevný 42 75 - 100 kw
6 pevný
52 100 - 120 kw


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