Special grinding mill MK2

The mill is an outstanding helper for rapid and easy preparation of food for all races of the livestock. It grinds perfectly the corn, barley, rye, oats, pea, maize and other crops.

The grinding mill consists of a hopper with fluent control of the load, grinding chamber and of a barrel, which is independent of the grinding mill.

A great advantage of the grinding mill MK2 is:

• the possibility to grind in more barrels by mere displacement of the grinding mill from one barrel to other
• the dust-free operation thanks the aerating bag
• the rapid replace of the grinding sieves
• by usage of a sieve with Ø 8 mm you can grind the oats for the horses too
• low weight and therefore easy manipulation and service
• high load of the grinding by low proportions

The weight of the grinding mill incl. electromotor 26 kg
Content of the hopper 10 l
Content of the barrel 60 l
Load of the grinding mill 80-120 kg/hod.
Motor 1,5 kW/ 2800 speeds na 220 V or 380 V
Basic outfit with sieve with holes of Ø 3,5 mm
Proportions in mm š 520/ h 430/ v 1330



Corn Oats
Barley Rye Pea



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